Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Worry

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Worry Hey, congratulations would be mother! It is a gift from your God that you will born a new through pregnancy and be a mother. But I know, you are worried, confused [...]

Why Health Insurance is importance

Why Health Insurance is importance Though you are very caring towards your family as well as yourself, you never know when a problem such as illness or accident comes to you. These two things [...]

keep your Teen Healthy

keep your Teen Healthy As a teenager, you go through many changes. Your body is on its way to becoming its adult size. You may notice that you can’t fit into your old shoes or that your [...]

Heart disease

Heart disease Coronary heart disease—often simply called heart disease—is the main form of heart disease. It is a disorder of the blood vessels of the heart that can lead to heart attack. A heart [...]