Basic Facts on Student Health Insurance


If you are soon going to be attending a state or local college and plan on living in theorms then you will definitely be required to purchase student health insurance. The reasons for this requirement are many, but it does insure that no student will end up laid up in the dorm in need of medical attention that they can not afford. Also, as far as contagious illnesses are concerned, it makes addressing the entire dorm population in the event of any type of epidemic so much simpler.

Check the Dorms Front Office

So you are going to have to find means of obtaining health insurance if you do not already have it. One idea is to inquire at the schools health department or in the dorms front office about any group plan or plans that they have to offer. Without exception they will have some type of plan to choose from and if you qualify, it often can be covered by student financial aid.

Check Online

Another idea is to go online and see if there are any health insurance plans that cater specifically to college students. Often times these types of plans will have a lower premium, particularly if you do not smoke or have any pre-existing health conditions. Most of you will be required to undergo a medical examination as a prerequisite to signing on to any of these student group health insurance plans.

Insurance Related Websites

If you plan on buying health insurance online there are now a large number of health insurance related websites that you can refer to. Be aware that some of these sites are designed to simply gather your personal data and then resell it it insurance companies who then will approach you in hopes of selling you a policy. The best however, are insurance comparison sites that do not outsource information and can provide you with immediate quotes from several different insurance companies simultaneously.

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