Forgotten Laws of Attraction for Financial Health?


When you think about the words "laws of attraction", the first thing that may come to mind is in the romantic field. But attraction is attraction, and that's the correct word to use in the sense of attracting financial health to yourself like a magnet joins iron ore. You may have heard that the law of attraction is already in use by millions of people, but if that's the case, then why are we in such a financial crisis?

Is all of this just hype? There was a movie made a few years ago about the law of attraction. One of the key figures in it believes that the law of attraction is incomplete, as is commonly understood today. As the forgotten laws are uncovered, this hypothesis may come to realize its full potential. This movie offered hope for the economy three years ago and millions of people converted to this promise and thought that the new era of prosperity, wealth, and abundance would be ushered in very briefly.

If you've heard about all of this, you may have been one of those people. Perhaps the results for everyone were very dismal at best, and you can see confirmation of this you look around you, and the condition that our economy is in. Our financial system is in pretty bad shape. Banks seem to close up at an alarming rate. It may seem that the feds are unable to keep up. What it comes down to is that everyday people are the ones who are paying the price. It's been reported many times in the media that most of us are stressed out by everything that's happening around us.

Many jobs have been lost. A lot of us can see our 401 (k) plans dwindling into nothingness. Inflatement seems to be on the increase. Amongst all of this, you may be asking yourself if the law of attraction is just hype. Was the movie that's based on this tenet, merely pop culture fluff? The entire media industry can get sensational at times but often they may take an absolute kernel of truth, and leave out all but the most irrelevant and sexy bits.

If you've tried to get a handle on this principle, but only in its watered-down media-friendly form, then you simply do not have the real thing. You're really scrapping the very tip of the iceberg, and leaving the huge bulk of untapped wealth of knowledge underneath the icy waters of today's economy.

Source by Ariol Gilles

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