Fear – What is the Impact of Fear on Our Health?


We are multi-dimensional animals and our health follows suit. We have our physical health, our mental health and our spiritual health to name a few. When we are out of whack in one area we suffer in all areas. And everyone has experienced some fear in their life.

So when you hear the word FEAR what comes to mind? Do you believe you are fearless? Do you fear a few, major life-threatening things? Or are you afraid of everything, including your own shadow? Fear can paralyze us. It can stop us from achieving our dreams and it can have a significant impact on our health.

I have heard that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. There are many times where we are fear-filled and agonize over some event that never happens, yet the chemistry that is generated and not utilized is stored in our body.

When we are afraid or worried, we set off certain chemical reactions in our bodies. While the consequences may not show up immediately they do add up over time. Those small 'adds' end up accumulating over time and eventually affect our health.

If you would like more specifics on this there is a wonderful movie out called "What the Bleep". In it, there are doctors, scientists, and other experts who have very colorful and graphic ways of explaining how stress affects our bodies and even how we get addicted to that negative chemistry. These addictions can cause us to create dramas in our lives just so we can get our 'fix'. You can get addicted to fear.

Have you ever noticed that happy people or people who have learned to manage their fears, or see them for what they are, also seem to be healthier people? Medical science is starting to put more credence in how our beliefs and thinking affect our health. It is very important for us to watch what we think and what we accept as truth and reality. If we continue to live our life in the illusion of fear we will adversely affect our health both mentally and physically.

Some may not believe that our thoughts affect our health. Yet with science starting to prove what the sages of the past have been saying, is not it time we started to listen?

Look at it from this perspective – what have you got to lose? By changing our thoughts to be more positive, productive, and courageous we could actually be keeping or repairing our health. Is not this worth considering and taking action on?

The best way to handle a fear is head on. Look it in the eye and deal with it when it comes up. Every time you face a fear you lessen the effect it has on you. Occasionally you will conquer the fear, and thenby improve your health at the same time.

The thing you fear may never happen to you, and yet you may have spent hours, days, or weeks, and sometimes even years creating a lot of negative chemistry in your body. Will you take action, face your fear and get healthier, or will you wallow in fear and suffering? The choice is up to each one of us.

What choice will you make?

Source by Josef Mack

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