Can Resveratrol Vitamin Improve Overall Health


We take vitamins C and zinc to ward off colds, drink green tea for energy, and look for the latest and greatest antioxidant or weight loss pills to help us feel better and possibly live longer. A new antioxidant called resveratrol is showing not only does it help mice live longer in research studies, but that they live healthier lives. It offers a reduction in cancer cell growth, and advances heart, cardiovascular, and fatty liver disease. Made by nature in the seeds and skins of grapes, found in red wine, and present in many nuts, this potent nutritional supplement safeguards a closer look. It is also produced in certain plants as a response to injury; Basically it is a self-healing mechanism of these multi-cell organizations. The excitation surrounding resveratrol is the potential it holds for humans in disease prevention and antiaging which can add years to our lives.

Before rushing out to buy a resveratrol vitamin or supplement, find out what medical professionals, researchers, and scientists have found in the studies conducted in animals and mice. A recent article published only days ago, on the site "NaturalNews" (May 15, 2009), revealed that alcoholic fatty liver disease was positively affected by the antioxidant's presence in the body of those mice also given alcohol. Specifically, higher activity of AMPK and higher levels of SIRT 1 were observed. These 2 key proteins are essential in breaking down and removing fat in the liver which can prevent this deadly liver disease. The livers produced less of the dangerous fat than those that did not have contact with resveratrol extract.

The human application mentioned in the study published by the University of South Florida Health Sciences was that resveratrol "… may serve as a promising agent for preventing or treating human alcoholic fatty liver disease." In prior studies, a decrease in free radicals, cancer cell growth, and heart disease incidence has also been noted. One such study reported by the National Institutes of Health showed overall improvement of longevity and quality of life in the rodent subjects. Mice in the lab site were given high and low doses of resveratrol along with a standard, low-calorie, or high-calorie diet. Across all groups, they experienced quality of life improvements, increased bone densities, healthy aortal tissues, and stable coordination and balance skills. In the calorie-restricted subjects, life extension was noted but could not be directly attributed to the extract's presence alone. In the high-calorie food group, a reduction of overall cholesterol levels resulted.

Although these findings can not yet be translated into the same applications in the human body, these results provide scientific proof that stunning physical and physiological improvements have been noted in mammals. One of the researchers in the July 3 anti aging study, Dr. Richard J. Hodes, MD said, "Resveratrol has produced significant effects in animal models, now including mice … Its effects in humans remain to be studied." The results are undeniable and it certainly seems to be a health benefit for those taking the extract. Get the most out of your supplements by taking a resveratrol vitamin which offers capsules containing the active ingredient found in red wine along with other essential vitamins. Visit online stores to buy supplements from home, find reviews by others who are currently taking a resveratrol product, and comparison shop for the best price. See how the health benefits of this extract from red wine can help you start living a healthier life.

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