Juicing For Better Health


Juicing is a very good way to improve your health, diet, lose weight, replace a meal, lower cholesterol . The list goes on and on because natural fruits and vegetables add nutrients to your diet. Since there are no additives that improve your digestion and provide you with needed vitamins. Some people are concerned with calories and because the juices you make at home are all natural there is no need to worry about calories. The calorie spectrum is very wide with natural juices, for example, Aloe Vera Juice has approx 3 calories while orange has approx 80 calories. When you mix fruits and vegetables the calories increase but the benefits outweigh the calories.

If you are going to introduce juicing to your diet I recommend at you start of mixing and matching fruits and vegetables that you enjoy. A good example for me is that I love carrots and I enjoy eating oranges, therefore one of the first juice recipes I tried was oranges and carrots. To this day that is by far my favorite. Another good way to develop juice recipes is to consider the V8 juice recipe and make it what you like, in other words make your own V8 recipe. Take into consideration what fruits and vegetables are in season and let that guide you as well. When you are purchasing your fruits and vegetables take into consideration were you are purchasing. You want o be able to purchase your fruits and vegetables from a reputable market. Always feel and check your fruit and vegetables, you want a ripe and fresh smelling fruit or vegetable. A ripe fruit of vegetable will give way but will not feel mushy; you want it to be firm but to have some give as well. Do not underestimate your sense of smell, if your not sure then you may want to skip that fruit or vegetable all together.

Two of my favorite things to add juices are garlic and ginger. For the garlic it is an accepted taste I recommend that you start with a small clover and add as you go along. The ginger is a wonderful fresh taste but again you have to add according to our taste buds. Another additive I love is Cilantro, I love the aroma and extra punch it adds to any juice.

Finally, the most important thing you can do is start juicing today, do not worry about he calories or the recipes. The calories in juice are good to you; they help you introduce vitamins into your system and they assist you in cleaning. You can experiment with juice recipes by starting with combination of fruits and vegetables that you already enjoy and then you can build from there.

Source by Lourdes Amil

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