Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Worry

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Worry

Hey, congratulations would be mother! It is a gift from your God that you will born a new through pregnancy and be a mother. But I know, you are worried, confused about dos and don’ts during pregnancy. Just relax. Pregnant women shouldn’t worry. Because it is really about you and your family. Many things depends on you that how you manage your pregnancy period.

Stressing is Common in Pregnancy

Yes, worrying is common in pregnancy as it is all new to you. It is not an easy task to bring a new human to the world. Not all stress is bad if that is in normal stage. But constantly stressing can be harmful for you and your baby. What if I have a miscarriage, Will my delivery be normal or c-section, Am I getting right kind of food or not, Oh my God! I am so overweight, my sex-life will never be normal; What if my baby is birth defect, Oh the labor pain may be so tough and so on and on. You are drowned with so many “if”, “buts”, “what”, “maybe”. You have to deal with your stress and move on. If you don’t let up the stress you are having continuously, they are really damaging. So stress will come up during pregnancy but you have to fight and come out of this stress. Constantly unhealthy stress effects on you and your pregnancy, so pregnant women shouldn’t worry.

Stress that Cause Pregnancy Problem

Stress is not harmful until you can handle it rightly. Some regular stress during your pregnancy like any work deadlines or traffic jam problem, they don’t cause problem to pregnancy.

Even you have serious stress in pregnancy can have healthy babies. But why take a chance! It is better you be careful if you have any serious issues like-

  • Any kind of negative life events such as divorce, serious illness death in the family, losing job or home.
  • When you have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as research has shown that 8 in 100 women may have this issue.
  • If you have faced things like earthquakes, hurricanes or terrorist attacks and that memory is haunting you still.
  • Any long-lasting stress like financial problems, being abused, being depressed that is preventing you to lead a normal life.

It is important you discuss your anxiety with your doctor, midwife, your provider or a mental health professional. They will help you in your anxiety, depression, stress or worrying through pregnancy but the first step to avoid stress has to taken by you only. You have to realize the impacts of it then you will understand why it is said by doctors, our grandparents and every well-wisher that pregnant women shouldn’t worry.

Effects of Stress during Pregnancy

Generally we know about postnatal depression, but it is more important to know about the anxiety or depression that you faces during pregnancy. High level of stress leads you to depression or anxiety that affects you and your baby. The affects of stress during pregnancy differs for every women, still some common scene we can observe on all pregnancy women like-

  • Nausea, constipation, being tired, having a backache, morning sickness, sleepless night.
  • Your mood swings now and then.
  • May rise up your blood pressure level, cause diabetics, racing heartbeats, sweating and nightmares.
  • May affect your immune system that protects you from infection and increase the chance of an infection of the uterus. And this ends up with the birth of a premature baby.
  • Your anxiety and stress affect your baby’s brain development in the uterus. We know most of the baby’s brain is built in mother’s womb but the stress hormone cortisol can across the placenta and influence the building of your baby’s emotional behavior development. Thus leaves the baby at the risk of depression, slow learning, behavior problem (ADHD), being afraid in childhood.
  • Your high and constant stress will lead you to early labor and cause a c-section instead of normal delivery. And I am afraid to tell you that if your stress goes to excess level, it may cause harm to your fetus’s life at its early days, basically till third or fourth month of pregnancy.

How to Reduce or Avoid Stress in Pregnancy

 We are not so much caring about a pregnant women’s mental health. Why don’t we realize that helping to improve mental health of a pregnant woman means helping the next generation. The good news is that there are several ways that you yourself can follow to get rid of stress, anxiety or depression. Your doctor may suggest you some medicines, but let try the natural methods to avoid worrying in pregnancy.

  • First of all insure you are having enough rest as well as sleeping. Listen what your body says to you and feel up its demand. When feeling exhausted just go to bed early because your body is working hard to nourish your growing baby.
  • Manage time to focus on your bump. As from 23 weeks your baby can hear you so chat and sing with her.
  • Define what is making you worried and feel free to discuss it with your partner, a close friend or your health care provider.
  • Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk foods. Totally stop smoking and alcohol.
  • Do light exercises instructed by your doctor or midwife. Morning walks are helpful this time.
  • Know how to handle your discomforts of pregnancy.
  • You can join any community of pregnant women or have a supportive network of parents, partners, and friends around you.
  • Relaxation activities like yoga and meditation will help you to reduce stress.
  • Listen to music and read books of your choice to keep your mind calm and tension free.
  • Avoid misconception which turns into stress or anxiety. Taking a childbirth class provides you the knowledge on pregnancy and your unborn baby. You can also get them online/YouTube.
  • Despite of all these things, if you feel like worrying, get treated or counseling early by your provider or mental health doctor.

As a totally new thing stress is quite normal during pregnancy. But to remember that you are pregnant not sick. So pregnant women shouldn’t worry and just enjoy the trimesters cause being a mother is the unique feeling that only women can have experienced.


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